Manual for the Chilly Homepage Designer

The Homepage Designer  is a simple and intuitive software for creating websites. It is designed to be used by small businesses and individuals.   The website creation with the Chilly Homepage Designer starts by selecting the topic of the site, specifying a site name and selecting a language. The entire process is online, starting in your Control Panel.

Please note that you set the language for the site content, and not for the user interface of the editor. The user interface language of the editor can be set in your hosting control panel, the default is set to German.

You will be prompted to provide some information about yourself so that the site can be filled in advance. This information is used to fill out sample text in pages such as " About Us" and "Contact". You can change or remove this information later.

After specifying the required information, the Chilly Homepage Designer creates a website with a unique design that consists of a multiplicity of elements. Every time a website is created, a random set of elements is used. So you can be sure that generated design will not be repeated. If you want to, you can completely change the design to fit your liking.

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