The Dashboard

View visitor statistics, comments, and new orders on the Dashboard

Once you have published a page, you can access the dashboard  from the Chilly Homepage Designers main menu and perform the following tasks:
  • View statistics on site visits - The statistics are provided by Google Analytics and are available after you have entered the code for Google Analytics in the settings as described in the Google Analytics, Sitemap, Robots .
  • Show new comments left by visitors - the comments will be displayed on the dashboard after you have set the comment tool, as described in the sections blog and comment.
  • View new orders from Customers who visit your online store.

How to view website visitor statistics:

  1. Click on the main menu click on dashboard.
  2. When you access the dashboard for the first time , confirm the assignment of your site with your Google account:
    • Click "Sign in to Google Analytics".
    • Log in to your Google account.
    • Confirm that you want to allow access to your account.
  3. Below the graph for visitor statistics of the website you can click on the link show more graphics, or click the icon. In the "Overview" section, the following statistics for the past 30 days are shown:
    • A detailed diagram for the currently selected profile report measurement parameter.
    • The total number of visits during the past 30 days.
    • The number of new visits.
    • The average time spent by users on a page.
    • The total number of page views.
    • The number of page views per visit.
    • The percentage of new visits.

"Overview of the traffic sources" indicates the address of the website, from which your visitors have come, for the past 30 days. The element "direct" indicates the percentage of visitors who have accessed a page, by typing the address directly into the browser. The section locations of visitors shows the geographical location of the visitors for the past 30 days.

How to view comments from your visitors:

  1. On the main menu, click on Dashboard
  2. Under comments click on the link show, or click on the icon.
  3. To get to the site on which a comment was left, click on the link to comment.
  4. To go to the Disqus page for moderating the comments, click manage comments.

How to view orders placed by customers who have visited your online store:

  1. On the main menu, click on Dashboard.
  2. Under orders, click on the link show or click on the icon and then click the Orders tab. To go to the Ecwid page to process orders, click Manage Orders.