Chillydomains Hosting Control Panel Module: Backups

Create a backup of your data, databases and emails

With the module backups in the Control Panel you can always make a backup of your data. These backups can be permanently saved on your webspace or temporary for a day that you can download the backup.

It is also possible to set up a backup plan. For example you can set a daily, weekly or an by your own chosen backup interval.

It is also possible to backup the website files, emails and databases. Moreover you can only save your data, emails or databases, depending on the backup you need.

In the module backup you can restore them easily.

Make a Backup - short guide

  1. Click on Create
  2. Chose what should be backedup (Backup files / Backup databases / Backup mail)
    • Backup files - choose files / folders to Backup
    • Backup database - choose databases to Backup
    • Emailbackup - choose email accounts to Backup
  3. Choose archive type - .zip or .7zip
  4. Choose type of the Backup
    • Temporary backup (will be safed for one day, so that you can download it)
      • At temporary backups the configuration is finished at these point and you can create it.
    • Safe backup permanently to webspace (please check the avaiable storage space)
      • Choose a file name and a location for the permanently backup at your Hosting Package
  5. Optiones for scheduled backups (these step is optional)
    • Choose, if the backup should run instantly
    • Setup interval of the backup - daily, weekly, at an certain calendar day or an own interval
  6. Choose a name and description for the Backup process
  7. Now you get an overview of your settings
  8. Finish Backup

Note: Please note the the allowed size of the final Backup-File is 4GB.

Restore of the saved files - short guide

  1. Click at Restore
  2. Choose Backup - either from a Backup process or directly from a file at the Webspace
  3. Choose files and saving folder
  4. Choose databases
  5. Choose email accounts
  6. Approve restore