Chillydomains Hosting Control Panel Module: Domains

Use your hosting package for several domains

domain-big If you own more domains, which don't have a Hosting Package, you have the possibility to link these domains in the Control Panel with the existing storage. The available storage for website files, email accounts et cetera will then be shared with the linked domains.

The domains do not have to be managed by Chillydomains. Also external domains can be linked to a hosting package.

You can choose what should be shared: Website-files and/or email accounts, depending an what you need.

With the Module Domains it is possible to share your Hosting Package with other domains depending on your webhosting plan.

Please notice, that it could take up to 5 minutes after a successfull entry before the service is active. To finish the linking, you need to setup the correct nameserver entries.

Website settings

Wildcard-Subdomain and Subdomain redirect options for your domain.

Set the HSTS-Header and max-age option if your domain is using a SSL certificate for HTTPS. You can also set a redirect from http to https as well as from yourdomain.tld to www.yourdomain.tld

Add Domain - Quick guide

  • Click at Add new Domain
  • Enter your Domain in the field (e.g.: example.tld)
  • Select what should be shared (E-Mail and/or Website)
  • Set the web root at Website for the new Root-directory of the new additional domain (should be outside the "www" directory)
  • Click at Create
  • Finaly you need to change the nameserverentries of the new Domain in your customer area at purchases -> nameserver services.