Chillydomains Hosting Control Panel Module: Filemanager

Easily manage your files

file-bigWith the module Filemanager you can organise the files and folders, at your webspace, with the browser. You can create, rename, edit, download and delete files at your webspace or upload new files from your PC. Moreover you can change the permissions for a file or a complete directory in the Filemanager.

On the left side of the Filemanager you can find an overview of the directory structure. This starts at the main directory (the "/" directory).
On the right side, a list of all files and folders of the currently selected directory is shown. Above are 4 action-buttons for creating a new directory, uploading files, creating a new file or to create a symlink on your webspace.

Quickoverview of the functions

  • Create Directory: Create a new directory (folder) in the current directory
  • Create file: Create a new, empty file in the current directory
  • Create Symlink: Creates a new symbolic link to a file / folder
  • Upload: Single files can be uploaded to the Hosting Package
  • With a right click, files can be edited, deleted, renamed or downloaded
  • Folders can be deleted or renamed by clicking on the right mouse button
  • Permissions of files and folders can also be edited with a click on the right mouse button


Create a directory
Click on Create Directory and enter a name for the new folder. After that click Create.

Create File
First click the button Create File and enter the name of the file including the file extension. Then click the Create button.
Info: The file extension defines the type of the file. It consists of a dot and one or more letters (e.g. .txt for Textfiles).

Deleting/renaming directorys and files
For those actions you have the context-menu in the Filemanager. Therefor you have to make a click on the right mouse button on the desired folder or file and choose the needed option.

Edit files
You can edit files by right clicking them and then clicking Edit. The content of the file will then be shown in the editing window of the Filemanager. Make your changes and than click Update to safe them.

Upload files to the server
You have to click on the button Upload and choose the wanted file. Files uploaded in your www-directory are instantly available, if you have not limited the permissions.

Download files from the server
To download a file to your local PC, just right click it and select Download.

Create Symlink
You can create a symlink - a symlink points to another file or directory in your webspace. For example you can create the symlink "test" in the /www/-directory and let it point to a subdirectory. Now you can open "www.yourdomain.tld/test" and the content of the selected symlink will be shown.

Cut / Copy / Paste
You can cut or copy files and complete directorys and paste them to an other directory. If you copy the file they exist twice after pasting them, and if you cut them you move them.

Change Permissions
To change the access to a certain file or directory you have to right click the desired element in the list and than click Permissions. A table with the permission options for this file opens. Choose the permissions you want to give each user and save the changes.

  • read - Read access to the file (is necessary to deliver a file in the browser e.g.)
  • write - Write access to the file (is necessary to change or delete a file)
  • execute - allows to execute a file or to open a directory
  • Owner - User, who created the file (usually the main user: yourdomain_tld)
  • Group - Usergroup that ownes the file
  • World - All other users. This group needs read-rights for all public documents.
By default all files have the permissions rw-r--r-- (644), only the as owner logged in user is permitted to change the files, everybody else can only read them. A directory has the default settings rwxr-xr-x (755), this directory can be read and executed (opened) but not modified by third parties. Only the user can make additioal changes in the directory.