The Header

How to modify the header elements

The site header consists of the following elements:
  • Banner - For the banner, you can perform the following actions :
    • Upload your own banner image.
    • Use a banner from the Chilly Homepage Designer library.
    • Remove the banner and use a background filled with colors or images.
    • Remove the banner and all other elements from the header area to reduce the height to 25 pixels.
    • Move the banner into the content area and insert it into a particular page or all pages of the website.

Note: You can only use one banner per website. When you insert the banner in a specific page, you can no longer add it to other pages of the website. Therefore, it is recommended to place the banner in site wide areas.

  • Logo image - for the logo, you can perform the following actions:
    • Upload your own logo image
    • Move the logo from the header area to other parts of the page, such as the sidebars or the content area.
    • Insert any amount of logo images in the site wide areas.
    • Remove the logo.
  • Page Name - This usually contains a company name or a short description of the website, such as "John Doe's Recipes".
  • Page Slogan - This usually contains a description of your site or company slogan.

How to change the banner image or other elements of the header
ogo, site name or slogan):

  1. Click on the banner image.
  2. Perform one of the following actions:
    • To use an image from the Chilly Homepage Designer library, select the option selection from our library, and then select an image from the image list menu. If you need help choosing a suitable image, select the option recommended or enter a keyword in the input field.
    • To use your own image, select the option custom image, click Browse and select the desired image. You should only use images in GIF, JPEG or PNG format, preferably not wider than 900 pixels.
    • To remove an image, select the option no picture and enter the height of the header block in pixels.
    • If you want to adjust the size of a banner to the header section, select the check box adjust image size.
  3. Under display banner elements click the check boxes for the items that are to be displayed in the header.
  4. If you want to remove a logo image or upload your own logo, click on the logo image.
  5. If you want to change the page name or the slogan, click the appropriate fields in the header and change them to your liking.
    • To increase the visibility of the website name or slogan, select the check box outline. The text will be surrounded by a black or white contour line with one pixel width. If the font color in the title or slogan is black, then the contour line is white, and vice versa.

Note that the blocks with the site name, the description and the logo can be moved freely in the header area. If you remove a banner accidentally, you can insert it again.

How to add a banner:

  • Go to the Modules tab, select Banner and drag the module to one of the site wide areas where you want to add it.

How to add a logo image:

  • Go to the Modules tab, select homepage logo and pull the module on one of the side wide areas where you want to add it. You can upload a new logo image and align it left, right or center.
Upload your own banner image .