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With the different domain endings there are different processes for a transfer. For the following TLD (Top Level Domain) endings you will find the procedures here:

.at, .de, .eu

The transfer of your .at-Domain is coordinated by the registration and administration office NIC.AT and can be done online. NIC.AT administer every information about the registered .at-Domains (incl. contact-data). The transfer of your .de-Domain is coordinated by the registration and administration office DeNIC. DeNIC administer every informationen about the registered .de-Domains (incl. contact-data).

Transfer process:

  1. You can request the transfer to in your customer area.
  2. An AuthInfo Code is required for the transfer of your domain name, you can request the AuthInfo Code from your current provider.
  3. If the AuthInfo Code is correct, the transfer of your domain will be initialised.

Transfer without interruption

As soon as your transfer order is paid you can begin the transfer. To have an interruption free transfer it is recommended that you configurate your chillydomains-product in advance and transfer all your data from the old webspace to the new one.

After your payment you get access to your chillydomains-configuration-area.

There you can re-create already existing email addresses. They activate as soon as the domain is transfered. Do not forget to back-up your sever side emails from the old webspace!

To upload your homepage to your new webspace, while the transfer is running, we provide FTP-access to your hosting package after the invoice is settled.

For more information, please visit our FAQ, or contact us!

current owner-contact in your domain designated E-Mail-address.