Chillydomains Hosting Control Panel Module: Email Manager

Easily manage your email address with the Email Manager

file-bigThe Email Manager is included in every hosting package. The number of available email addresses varies between the different packages. Furthermore we offer an e-mail only hosting package.

You can reach the Email Manager in your Control Panel. It contains an overview of your email accounts, various useful settings and an overview of the used space.

By default, you get a catch-all address ("postmaster@yourdomain.tld") which intercepts all emails that were sent to a non existent address of your domain. This means no messages are get lost.

A server filter is in use to avoid spam. It filters messages which are sent from not fully configured email addresses such as Bot-Net PCs. It checks the IP address (DNS blacklist), the rDNS entry and the sender domain.

Create a new account:

To create a new email account, you just have to click on the button "Add new Account", assign an address, specify a password and then click the "Create" button.

To change your password, move the cursor over the "Action" button of the specific address and select "Set Password".

If you position the mouse over the "Action" button, you can get to the "Settings" submenu, which is divided into Forwarding, Antispam, Autoresponder and Aliases.

General settings:

In this menu, all relevant options for handling incoming messages are available:
  • Enable antispam filter for this account – This option enables or disables the spam filter.

    If the spam filter is disabled you can uncheck the point "Store mails at this email account" to get a new option: "I understand and confirm that all mails will be deleted". If this option is active all incoming e-mails are deleted immediately.

  • If the spam filter is active, the menu item for Antispam will be available.
  • Store mails at this email account – Messages are either deleted immediately (Delete) or deposited in the account.
  • Forward to – Here you can specify email addresses to which incoming messages will be forwarded.


You can configure an auto-responder that sends pre-formulated messages to incoming emails. To do this, put a check mark at "Enable autoresponder" and define a response text in the text box. Attention, if no text is given the autoresponder will be automatically disabled!


At this menu item you have the option to set your account aliases, change and remove them. An Alias e-mail address does not create its own mailbox rather uses the mailbox of the superior e-mail address. Thus you can create multiple e-mail addresses without having multiple inboxes.

Bayes spam filter:

The Bayes filter analyses the content and the header from incoming messages. Based on this data the spam ranking is made. With every new message you recieve the filter learns more about your personal e-mail traffic and can improve the used rules. The longer the Bayes filter is active, the better the recognition rate of unwanted messages gets.

If the Bayes filter is active, the messages in your Inbox and your Junk directory are analysed daily. During this process the messages in your inbox are used for wanted messages and the messages in your IMAP junk directory for spam. The spam marked messages are used for improving the spam recognition. To get the best result, it is necessary to keep the unwanted messages in the junk directory for at least two days.

Not correctly marked massages can be moved manually from the Inbox to Junk or reverse. The next time the messages are checked the rules are being updated automatically.

To activate and use the Bayes filter the following settings are needed:
  • The normal Spam filter has to be active
  • Emails not containing spam needs to be stored in the Inbox
  • Emails that might contain spam and/or Emails containing spam need to be stored in the IMAP Junk Directory.

Mail Logs:

In the Mail Logs menu you can have a look at all your incoming and outgoing e-mails. Furthermore you can check if the e-mails were sent or if there has been an error. You have the possibility to search through all your e-mail accounts or you use the filter to specify your search.

You find the Mail Logs button in your Email Manager on the right-hand side of General Settings.

Log type:

At Log type you can choose between Spamdyke, SpamAssasin or a combination of both (All).

Spamdyke checks the DNS-configuration (PTR entry / reverseDNS, MX entries, etc.) of the senders mail server and also if there are any existing blacklist/whitelist entries. If the senders mail server has a wrong configuration or is listed on a blacklist/whitelist, the mail won't be delivered. If you want to deactivate the Spamdyke server filter you can do this in the General Settings of your Email Manager.

The Apache SpamAssasin is an account filter which rates incoming messages with points according to different criteria and multiple filters. The more points the message gets, the higher is the chance that it is a spam message. The criteria are updated regularly by the software developers and by our company to make sure this filter is as safe as possible.

Successful e-mail traffic:

If the status of an e-mail shows ALLOWED, it means that the e-mail was accepted for delivery. The server spam filter has no cause to block the e-mail.
If there is shown a green Status with a number followed by several letters, the e-mail was checked by SpamAssasin but it wasn't marked as spam and therefore permitted.

Incorrect e-mail traffic:

If the status of your e-mail shows DENIED, an error occurred and your e-mail couldn't be delivered. You have to separate between errors when you send messages or when you receive them.

Error sending messages:
The most common reason why sent e-mails do not get delivered correctly is a wrong configured e-mail-client. Please make sure you have configured your e-mail account correctly like it is shown in our manual.
This error message is shown if the mail is sent without SMTP-authentication, that means without username or/and without password at the outbox server (auth: unknown).

This error message occurs if the sender and receiver of the e-mail are identical. To solve this problem you have to activate the SMTP-authentication.

Error receiving messages:
If your error message starts with Y 1-X (points) followed by one or several error codes, the spam filter (SpamAssasin) has rated the message as spam. To get more information click on the red text.

The e-mail server of the sending person does not have a rDNS-entry (reverse DNS).

The e-mail server of the sending person has an invalid rDNS-entry (reverse DNS).

The e-mail server of the sending person does not have an MX-entry.