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     € 29,88 incl. 20% VAT

VAT regulation

20% VAT is applied for consumer and corporate customers from Austria.
Invoices to corporate customers from the EU are issued without VAT.

According to §19 Section 1 UStG 1994 recipient of intra-community supply of services has to declare import turnover tax. The VAT rate for consumer customers in the EU depends on the buyer's country. The applied VAT rate (standard rate) and VAT sum is shown at the order process as well as on all invoices.

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Name: .fr - France
.fr domain registration period: 1 year
.fr domain renewal / termination: A reminder e-mail will be sent 90, 60 and 30 days before the domain expires. If the domain is not renewed it will expire. Expired domains will be deactivated and deleted after a safety period of 30 days.
.fr domain provider change: To transfer a domain to Chillydomains, an authorization code (auth code) is required. You get the auth code from your current registrar or service provider.
During the transfer order process the remaining time of the domain completely expires. After the completion of the transfer a new billing period starts.
.fr domain specifics: For a person:
Both, owner and admin contact need to be from the EU. You will need to provide your date of birth for the registration process, as well as your country of birth.

For a company:
The company needs to provide a valid UID, DUNS-number, register number of a trademark, or a company register number.
Notes: Shortcuts with 1, or 2 letters are not allowed domain names.

Since 06.december.2011 the owner of a .fr domain does not need to be a citizen of France anymore.