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How do I choose a good name for my domain?

The internet address should have an easy name to remember. It would be an advantage if the viewer can create a link between the address and the content of the page. Useful are names of firms, persons, general terms and/or word combinations. Although there are some rules to take care of, if you want to avoid juristic problems.
The right name for your domain can also have a major impact on your ranking on search engines (google, yahoo etc.)
Don´t take: foreign firm or label names, names of public or famous persons, headlines from the media, city names, terms of public facilities, literal errors, etc.

How to cancel a product of Chillydomains?

You can cancel your services online in your customer area.
Navigate to "Purchases", choose the service you wish to cancel and follow the instructions after you click on "terminate".
You can also cancel your services with our cancellation form. Please send us the form, signed by the domain owner, via Fax to 06215 / 20889 or scanned via email to

How to transfer a domain away from

For a transfer away, please contact your new provider for detailed information.

How do I change my user data?

On you will find the sign-in box. Insert your user name and password and sign in – you will then be redirected to your customer area. There you can change your data most easily.

How do I set up a forwarding?

Sign in to the customer area on the top right. In the menu choose "Hosting" --> "Forwarding".
Here is an overview with all available forwardings of your domain. Just follow the ordering procedure in the customer area.

How can I change the DNS settings?

To change your DNS settings you have to sign in to the customer area on the top right.
In the menu choose "Purchases" --> "Nameserverservices". There is an overview of your nameserver-services.

How to transfer a domain to

Please initiate the transfer in your customer area, you will automatically recieve an email with further instructions.
With the different domain endings there are different processes for a transfer. For the following TLD (Top Level Domain) endings you will find the procedures here:
Domain transfer information for .at, .de, .com, .net, .info and many more!

How to request an AuthInfo Code at

You can request your AuthInfo Code online in your customer area.
Navigate to "Purchases", choose the domain you wish to request the AuthInfo Code and click on "Authorisation Code" in the sidebar.

Contact us:

Please state general questions to:
For questions about our products and questions regarding invoices, please contact:

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