Creating and editing websites

Choose theme, specify data and create your homepage

To keep your efforts as low as possible when creating a website, the Chilly Homepage Designers offers a wide set of predefined site templates. When you create a new site, choose a template that is best suited for your purposes, and the Chilly Homepage Designer will generate a website with content. For example, a page for a retail store has a price list and a page for an artist includes a picture gallery.
If you cannot find a suitable theme, you can contact and ask us to create an appropriate template for you and add it to the list of available themes. When you create a new website, the website designer asks you to specify information about yourself or your company. These informations are automatically added to specific pages, for example on the pages About us and Contact.

Note: The Chilly Homepage Designer uses this information only for your website, it will be stored elsewhere or used for other purposes. You can change or remove this information at any time.

How to create a website:
  1. Got to the Chilly Homepage Designer
  2. Choose a website theme
  3. Enter the name of the website and select the site language
  4. Specify the information which is used to pre-fill your site
  5. Click on Send page and create

In the Chilly Homepage Designer, you can almost every element of your website. Most elements can be changed on the spot where they are located. You open a page on which an element is used, edit it, and the result will be displayed immediately. Site-wide elements such as search and advertising are changed on one spot, but the changes are incorporated for each page of your site .

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer , we recommend that you do not use the browsers zoom to change the text size in the browser. Please note that sites in the Chilly Homepage Designer works best at normal zoom ( 100%).

Delete a website

When you delete a page in the Chilly Homepage Designer, only the currently opened file in the editor and stored copies (snapshots) are removed. The published site in your hosting account will not removed.

How to delete a current site copy in the editor:
  • In the Chilly Homepage Designer select the command more Remove website.