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The professional hosting package for companies

  • For multiple domains
  • Backup manager
  • SSL certificates
  • Free software

Price €/month incl. 20% VAT

Included Hosting Services

200 GB Total memory
50 GB memory for websites, soft limit
150 GB memory for e-mail accounts, delivery guarantee
High performance SSD hard drives
Our modern hosting servers offer optimal speed for your homepage and e-mails by using the latest SSD hard drives.
1000 E-mail accounts
POP3, IMAP4 e-mail accounts with TLS or SSL encryption
10 Multi domain hosting
Use your hosting package for up to 10 domains.
SSL certificates
Free SSL certificates for your domain names. For each domain an own SSL certificate can be activated.
25 databases
Own backups
Create your own timed backups of your data, email accounts and databases.
Data transfer unlimited, 10000 GB Soft Limit Hosting Control Panel
5 mailing lists
25 FTP user
PHP 4.4 to 7.2
384 MB PHP memory - Ample PHP memory for each project.
no setup fee
30 days money back guarantee
incl. 75€ Google® AdWords Voucher
€ 19,99 Price per month including 20% ​​VAT

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E-Mail Server functions

1000 POP3, IMAP4 e-mail accounts with TLS or SSL encryption
Do not send your e-mail passwords in clear text over the Internet! If you value security, you know why you chose
E-Mail addresses (alias)
Create as many e-mail alias addresses for you and your employees!
150 GB Storage space for emails
Delivery Guarantee: E-mails will not be rejected even if the inclusive memory is exceeded.
Excellent Server spam filter
Automatically active - filters all messages incomplete and incorrectly configured "mail server". Email Spam Filter for every email address
Powerful, continuously maintained and improved filter against unwanted spam e-mails by our technical staff. High quality filter that stands out from the crowd. Individually configurable in the Hosting Control Panel for each mailbox.
Free e-mail virus scanner
Free all your inbound and outbound emails from various pests.
Catch All E-mail address
All e-mails to non-existent e-mail accounts / e-mail addresses of your domain will be stored in your postmaster mailbox or rejected (with or without error message).
Internal and external e-mail forwarding
Forward all e-mails or e-mails of individual accounts to one or more internal or external e-mail addresses.
Automatic reply to emails / e-mail on demand.
AJAX webmail, SSL encrypted
Read and send e-mails from the web browser regardless of location. Passwords and e-mails are transmitted SSL encrypted!
Classic webmail, SSL encrypted
ideally suited for access with mobile devices. Passwords and e-mails are transmitted SSL encrypted!
SMTP server for your domain with TLS encryption
SMTP server for sending e-mails. "Mail.youtdomain.tld".
SMTP authentication
Only messages originating from your e-mail program are accepted by the mail server.
SSL encrypted online administration
All e-mail settings can be administered easily and securely online.
E-mail retrieval via POP3
E-mails can be retrieved via POP3. SSL encryption is available.
E-mail retrieval via IMAP4
E-mails can be retrieved via IMAP4. SSL encrypted transmission is possible. Advantage: E-mails can be retrieved from multiple devices.
E-mail collection service for external accounts
You can group messages from different accounts. This feature is also available on accounts from other email providers.

Webhosting details

50 GB Webspace
Storage space for your website - expandable at any time. Soft limit
High performance SSD hard drives
Our modern hosting servers offer optimal speed for your homepage and e-mails by using the latest SSD hard drives.
Guaranteed ad-free!
Domain with and without 'www.' reachable
SSL Encrypted
All webhosting settings can be administered comfortably and securely online.
Extension possible at any time
You can order individual additional services such as webspace, mailspace or databases at any time and expand your storage package according to your needs.
Domain Forwarding
Forward all web requests to another domain.
File Manager
Upload and change files via a comfortable web interface.
Password protected directories
Create and manage any number of protected directories and users through your Control Panel.
Error pages
Design your own error pages for your website (401, 402, 403, 404, 500, etc.).
Automated form processing
Receive form data from your homepage by e-mail. (Form mail).
Detailed online access statistics for your homepage and websites. Daily update.
Access to log records
Records of the web server (accesses) available online.
Create and manage your own cronjobs.
7.2.4, 7.1.16, 7.0.29, 5.6.35, 5.5.38, 5.3.29, 5.2.17 und 4.4.9
384 MB PHP memory
Generously sized PHP storage for your website.
SafeMode can be deactivated
The PHP SafeMode can be deactivated (not recommended)
Custom php.ini file possible
If necessary, you can set your own PHP settings.
Various PHP extensions
ctype, exif, json, zlib, XML / XSL and many more functions and libraries available.
CGI scripts executable
Perl 5.20.2
Python 2.7.9
ServerSide Includes (.shtml) are supported.
ImageMagick 6.8.9 and gdlib available
Enables automated image editing. For many blogs, CMS, webshops, etc. required.
ionCube Loader
Currently the ionCube Loader is available for php 7.0, php 5.6 and php 5.3 (not recommended anymore).


25 databases
MySQL 5.7.21
The basis for all current blog, CMS and shop installations.
Older MySQL versions
MySQL versions 4.0.24, 4.1.11, 5.0.51a, 5.1.73, 5.5.59, for running existing / older software. Online administration of the MySQL databases via phpMyAdmin.
Direct MySQL database access over port 3306
Ideal for connecting existing external systems.
PostgreSQL version 9.1.4
Easy online administration of PostgreSQL databases via phpPgAdmin
PostgreSQL database access over port 5432
For direct access from external systems.

SSL, data security, backup

Failover operation
Should a hardware damage occur or a server fail, a replacement device takes over the operation of your web pages and e-mail services within minutes.
200 GB Total memory on the failover server
Daily backup of your webspace, databases and emails. Backups are stored for at least 7 days.
Own backups
Create your own timed backups of your data, email accounts and databases.
1000 GB Memory in the backup system
Free SSL certificate
Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for your domain (https: // instead of http: //). Encrypted transmission of all content, such as user information or payment information between browser and hosting server. Let's Encrypt Certificates are valid for a maximum of 90 days, but are automatically renewed for you. The SSL certificate is activated via your control panel.
Unlimited server SSL certificate use
Malware scan
Constant review of your content for malware. Our customer service informs in case of finds about finds.
€ 58,80 Malware detail check
In the case of incident: If you wish to have a detailed review of an incident (such as what was the cause or vulnerability introduced through the malware), you can commission such an analysis of the modified files and log records by our team.
Exclusively own server hardware
Server location Vienna
Hosting at the most important Internet hub in Austria.
99,9% Uptime guarantee
Independent tests prove that our services are always available.

Included software

Content Management Systems  
Typo3: professional content management system (CMS) to manage your website.
Contao: Content management system (CMS) with easy expandability for your homepage.
Drupal: popular and comprehensive CMS (Content Management System) for your hosting.
Get Simple: simple XML-based content management system (CMS), which does not require a database.
Joomla!: known CMS (Content Management System) with a huge community in the latest version.
Online Shops  
osCommerce Webshop: popular online shop software.
Prestashop: popular and easy online shop software for your website with numerous functions.
Magento: famous online shop software for professional web shops.
OpenCart: simple online shop software. Ideally suited for small to medium sized online shops.
advanced Guestbook: free guestbook for your homepage.
myPHP Guestbook: professional guestbook with integrated spam protection by CAPTCHA query for your homepage.
Blog Software
WordPress: known and popular blog software for your website.
b2evolution Blog: very popular blog software to use for company blogs.
Serendipity: powerful blog system with easy expandability.
Cloud software solutions
Nextcloud: online storage solution. No database required.
ownCloud: online storage solution. No database required.
phpBB: popular forum software in the most recent version.
DokuWiki: wiki software for simple and clear knowledge management on your home. There is no database required.
MediaWiki: wiki software for documenting your website or internally for your employees.
Piwigo image gallery: extensive image gallery software with many features.
Pixlie image gallery: simple picture gallery for your website. There is no database required.
phpmyFAQ: faq software.
expCounter: sites hit counter.
Elgg Social Network Engine: social network engine. Your own Facebook for your homepage.
Matomo web analytics: detailed statistics for monitoring the success of your website. THE alternative to Google Analytics.
KSearch search engine:Your own search engine for your website.
LimeSurvey: survey software for your website.
Moodle: learning software for teachers and students.
vtiger CRM: customer relationship management (CRM) software for your homepage.

FTP-Server functions

25 FTP user
Number of FTP accesses to the hosting package.
TLS encrypted file transfer.
Multiple simultaneous FTP connections per user
No speed limit:
Upload data at full speed.

Term, Payment, Support

No setup fee
30 days money back guarantee
€ 75 Google® AdWordsTM voucher
Available in your customer area.
Available in your customer area.
Optional services
SSL Certificate, webspace, mailspace. Prices available in your customer area.
Renewal period
12 months
Last cancellation date
4 days before renewal
Payment methods
SOFORT Überweisung, PayPal, Credit Card, Money transfer
Invoice period
E-Mail Support
Short response times!
In addition to questions and answers about domains, hosting and the customer zone, the support questionnaire also contains many useful instructions and is constantly being expanded.