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Our hosting packages offer the fitting performance for nearly every project:

Homepage complete Bronze Homepage complete Silver Homepage complete Gold Homepage Designer Modules- more about it in our Handbook
10 100 unlimited pages
no check no check check two green Integration of your Ecwid Onlineshop (official site of Ecwid )
no check no check check two green Module for online advertisement
no check check two green check two green Google Maps Module
no check check two green check two green Search function for the homepage
no check check two green check two green Scriptmodule for custom code (Javascript, VBScript, PHP)
no check check two green check two green pictures slideshow
check two green check two green check two green picture gallery
check two green check two green check two green Social Sharing
check two green check two green check two green Breadcrumb
check two green check two green check two green Banner
check two green check two green check two green Video embedding
check two green check two green check two green Blog
check two green check two green check two green Text and pictures

With the chillydomains homepage designer you can create your own website fast and easy. Many templates and an intuitive usability makes the Homepage Designer the ideal tool for private users and small company's.

Chose from 100 different themes and your homepage will be optimized for your branch after the installation. The Chilly Homepage Designer generates a full website with text and pictures, which can be replaced easily per drag 'n' drop to fill in your own content. Choose Design, insert text and images, publisch your website and that´s it!

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Just a few steps to your personal homepage:

The Chilly Homepage Designer is the ideal tool for companies or individuals who want to easily create a professional website.
Many young companies often do not have the financial means to hire a web designer and spend thousands of euros for a website. With the homepage designer, you do not need any prior experience in PHP, HTML or Javascript.
The graphical user interface is easy to learn and in the official manual you can find various solutions to common problems. You can choose from over 100 different themes and change them to suit your individual needs.

Overview of the main features:

text kleinIntegrate text and images as easy as never before!
With the built-in WYSIWYG editor, you can format your text, links and much more.

Social MediaBe in contact with social media platforms!
Wether Facebook, Google+ or other platforms, with our website builder your page is connected.

galerie kleinA complete gallery is running with just a few clicks!
You can upload your pictures directly from your Picasa accout or upload them directly from your PC to the new gallery.

diashow kleinSlideshow module with many settings:
Like the gallery, you can upload images and also specify the duration, transition effects and navigation of your slideshow. (This feature for the Designer is available at packages Homepage complete Silver and Homepage complete Gold)

Build your hompage with our modular system:

Your website is in your hands. You dynamically determine the structure of your website and the arrangement of its contents. Show your creativity and discover many features of the Homepage Designer with the aid of our video tutorials.
Under the design menu there are several choices about templates, layout, scheme, colors, font, corners and page edges together with assistance for changes and pre-built settings.

Publish your site with just one click:

Once you are done with editing your new page, you just have to click on the publish button and your new homepage is online.

Your page will be represented on many social media platforms, thanks to the ingetrated Facebook-extension and the above mentioned Social Sharing Modules. All you need is an account for each platform. Even on mobile devices, your page will be displayed properly each layout can be displayed on a smartphone or tablet.

Edit your site anytime:

If you want to add more content to your website after you already published it, we recommend that you use the save functionality in the Chilly Homepage Designer to secure your current work before you start with the changes. Experience has shown that this feature can save valuable time, should there be a case that something does not work as planned. Of course you can add or remove content without taking the site offline.
More tips and information about this can be found in our comprehensive guide.

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