.VERSICHERUNG Domain Registration

  • Yearly registration fee:
     € 142,80 incl. 20% VAT

Note to new gTLD Premium domain names

According to the guidelines of the central registration authority (Domain Registries) for new domain names we have to point out, that under the new gTLDs there are certain premium domain names, which are sold at a higher price. The standard prices shown are normally for almost all domain names. If your requested domain is one of the premium domains, you will get a notification and correct price at the domain availability check!

VAT regulation

20% VAT is applied for consumer and corporate customers from Austria.
Invoices to corporate customers from the EU are issued without VAT.

According to §19 Section 1 UStG 1994 recipient of intra-community supply of services has to declare import turnover tax. The VAT rate for consumer customers in the EU depends on the buyer's country. The applied VAT rate (standard rate) and VAT sum is shown at the order process as well as on all invoices.

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  • .versicherung domain registration period:
  • 1 - 10 years

  • .versicherung domain renewal / termination:
  • A reminder e-mail will be sent 90, 60 and 30 days before the domain expires. If the domain is not renewed it will expire. Expired domains will be deactivated and deleted after a safety period of 30 days.

  • .versicherung domain provider change to us:
  • To transfer a domain to Chillydomains, an authorization code (auth code) is required. You get the auth code from your current registrar or service provider and you can insert the code during the transfer order process.
    The domain will be automatically extended by one year. This year will be invoiced by us at the transfer order.

  • .versicherung domain specifics:
  • .versicherung domains can only be registered by insurance-related organizations with headquarters in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Liechtenstein. The following organizations are classified as insurance-related from the registry for .versicherung domains and can register a domain without further proof:

    Social insurers, insurers, reinsurers, Insurance intermediary with legal registration or approval, Insurance Consultants, Insurance, Honorary advisor to insurance benefits, Regulatory or supervisory bodies of the insurance industry, Registered associations of the insurance industry, Trade publishers of the insurance industry, Lawyers specializing in insurance law, On the insurance industry specialized IT companies, An experienced service provider for the insurance industry, On the insurance industry specialized IT companies, Education and training support of the insurance industry.

    In the whois data of domain name registration a legal address for the domain must be specified. Registrants of the insurance domain will be checked by the Registry annually to ensure that the registrant actually pursues insurance activities.

  • Note:
  • Chilly.domains is an accredited domain registrar of dotversicherung-registry GmbH, the central registrar for .versicherung domains.

  • Recovery of expired .versicherung domains:
    Terminated domains are locked at the end of the paid service period. The recovery of blocked domains is possible within 30 days after deactivation. The condition for a recovery is a written notice of revocation of the domain owner. In addition to the domain fee, a processing fee of € 24,- incl. 20% VAT* will be calculated.

  • Recover deleted .versicherung domains:
    After the 30-day lock period there is another 30 day period, the redemption period. You can restore a domain within this period. The condition for a restoration is a written notice of revocation of the domain owner. In addition to the domain fees, a reactivation fee of € 478,80 incl. 20% VAT* will be calculated.