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Kommunizieren Sie ab jetzt professionell mit der eigenen E-Mail Adresse

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Professionelle E-Mail Adresse mit der eigenen Domain

Professional appearance with your own business email.

Having your own email address gives a professional and trustworthy impression in online communication. You will put your name in the foreground, be remembered and you can also use your domain for your website. Check the availability of your desired domain with the domain check.

Unlike freemail addresses, having your own email address makes it easy to distinguish you from spam.

Additionally, your emails are hosted on your own email hosting, not with a corporation that profits from your data

Worry-free thanks to high-security and data protection standards

Unlike free email services, with your own email domain you have full control over your data and can be sure that your confidential information will not be misused by third parties.

Your e-mails are stored in our data center in Munich. Our systems create fully automatic backups of your IMAP email accounts on a daily basis.

Additionally, your email addresses are protected by modern virus scanners & spam filters.

Professionelles E-Mail Hosting: Sicher - Einfach - Verlässlich - mit Support der Ihnen gerne weiter hilft

Easy Email Management.
Suitable for beginners as well.

Server location Munich

Your e-mails are hosted in a highly secure data center in Munich.

Daily backups

Your IMAP email accounts, websites and databases are backed up daily.

99.9% Uptime

The hosting infrastructure offers maximum availability.

100% advertising free

Unlike free email providers, your own email domain will not display any advertisements.

E-mail forwarding

Forward your incoming emails to any addresses.

Spam Filter & Virus Protection

In addition to the standard protection, individual settings are possible. You can also create blacklists and whitelists.

Here's how
in 3 simple steps


Buy an
email domain

First you register a domain. This is the part behind the “@ sign”. Besides domain endings like “.de” we offer over 450 other endings.


Set up email

Next, you will need email hosting. This serves as a storage space.
If you additionally want to create your own website with the same name, e.g. “”, you will need a web hosting package instead of email hosting.


Create email address

After a few minutes the services are set up and you can create your own email addresses in the control panel and then set them up on your PC & smartphone.

Get a professional e-mail adress in 3 simple steps: register a domain - order email hosting - create your email adress


Reliable support

You get fast and efficient help 365 days a year. In the help section, you can solve many tasks yourself.

Money back guarantee

If you are not satisfied, you will be refunded within the first 30 days.

No hidden costs

There are no setup fees or other hidden costs. In a few minutes you can start using your email domain.

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Frequently asked questions
to your own e-mail domain

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Our manual is continuously updated!

An own email domain costs about 15 to 50€ per year, depending on the number of desired email addresses. The cost is composed of the domain purchase & web hosting.

You can choose general settings for all email addresses:

  • Server spam filter: intercepts emails from botnet PCs and incompletely configured servers.
  • Catch-All settings: Emails to addresses which do not exist can be forwarded to your existing addresses.

The following settings can be made individually for each e-mail address:

  • Forwarding: Emails sent to a specific address will be forwarded to any other email address.
  • Spam filter: Make extensive settings on how spam mails should be handled.
  • Blacklist & Whitelist: Blacklist and whitelist entries allow you to define addresses from which emails are rejected or accepted by default.
  • Out of office notification: Emails to your address will be answered automatically for a certain period of time. For example, stating that you are currently out of the office.
  • Email Aliases: Create alias addresses for your primary email address.
  • Email pickup service: set up the pickup service to receive email from any other addresses in your primary email account.

Brand: The domain should reflect the name of your brand to increase professionalism and credibility.

Memorable: Choose a domain that is easy to remember.

Keep it short: Short addresses are not only easy to remember, but can also be written down more quickly.

Domain extension: Choose an appropriate top-level domain such as “.de”, “.com”, “.email” or others, depending on your geographic or business focus.

Avoid umlauts: Umlauts can cause problems with older mail programs when sending and receiving.

First of all, register the desired domain name and an email hosting. Once they are active, you can start creating your email address and setting it up on your devices.

  • Professionalism and credibility: With an individual e-mail domain like “” you appear professional and serious. This conveys trust and credibility to your customers and business partners.

  • Security and privacy: Compared to free email services, with your own email domain you have more control over your data and configure individual security measures such as spam filters.

  • Brand identity: the email domain can contain the name of your company, which helps to make your brand better known.

  1. Buy email domain: Register a trusted domain name for your email address.
  2. Email Hosting: Additionally you need an email hosting for your emails
  3. Create email addresses: Once the services are active, you can create addresses for you and your family or colleagues.
  4. Set up mail programs: Finally, set up the email addresses on your devices. You can find instructions on how to do this in our e-mail manual.
  5. Customize spam filters, etc: If needed, you can configure spam filters, forwarding, out-of-office notifications, etc.

For a serious e-mail appearance, no freemail provider should be used and birth dates, umlauts and hyphens should be avoided in the address.

Examples of reputable email addresses:

  • “”
  • “”

Example of dubious addresses:

  • “max_mustermann1985@freemail.tld”
  • “musterfirma_2023@freemail.tld”

You can create email addresses for free with various providers. For companies, however, a reputable email address is essential. There are 2 cost factors involved.

To create a business email address, you need a domain like “”. You can then use this for your emails like “” or for your website “”.

If you want to use email only, order an email hosting package. If you also want to create a website, you will need a web hosting package.

Once you have ordered your email domains and created the addresses, you can set them up in mail programs like Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. You can find the instructions in our e-mail manual.