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Free SSL certificates are included in all hosting packages, including the FREE construction kit.

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Instead of time-consuming installation, the free SSL certificate is set up with just a few clicks.

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Protect the data of your company and your website visitors.

Improved Google Rankings

Google rewards websites with SSL certificate because they make the Internet more secure.

Secure your website with the free SSL certificate

SSL certificates are an important step in gaining the trust of your visitors. In addition, you protect your website and your visitors from potential security risks.

With our simple activation, we offer you the opportunity to transfer sensitive information securely while benefiting from the SEO advantages that an SSL-encrypted website offers in search results.

Secure your website today and show your users that privacy and security are your top priorities.

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Set up hosting

The prerequisite for the free SSL certificate and many other security features is that you use a hosting package.


Activate SSL certificate

Once your domain and hosting package are linked, you can activate the SSL certificate in the Control Panel with just a few clicks.


Other security features

Highly secure web hosting in Germany with many security features: automatic backups, malware scans, modern spam filters and much more.

Einfach ein SSL Zertifikat mit einem Klick installieren - so easy!

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Advantages of a free SSL certificate

Sicherheit im Netz durch SSL

Better placement in search results

Websites that use a secure connection are preferred by Google and rewarded with a better ranking in search results.

Strengthens the trust and seriousness of your website

SSL encryption causes a lock icon to appear in the browser bar. For websites without SSL, a security warning is displayed instead that no “https://” is used. The free SSL certificate signals to the visitor that his information is safe and thus strengthens trust.

DSGVO compliant website

An SSL certificate is absolutely necessary for the secure transmission of personal data according to DSGVO.

Frequently asked questions
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If your hosting package is already active, you can activate your certificate in the “SSL Security” module. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are active within 5 minutes.

If your hosting package is already active, you can open your Control Panel and activate the Let’s Encrypt certificate in the “SSL Security” module.

Some hosting packages are multi-domain capable. This means that you can use the hosting package for multiple domains (run websites). You can see how many domains are possible in the resource usage in the control panel. The same number of free SSL certificates is at your disposal.

The main difference between free and paid SSL certificates lies in the issuing certificate authority and the associated security features.

Free SSL certificates offer basic encryption features, while paid certificates are issued by reputable certificate authorities and enjoy a higher level of trust.

Paid certificates often also offer financial guarantees in the event of security breaches, while free certificates usually offer no or only limited guarantees.

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate installed on a web server to ensure the security and encryption of data transmission between the server and the user’s web browser.

It is needed to achieve the following goals:

  1. Encryption of data transmission: An SSL certificate enables the encryption of data transferred between the user and the server. This protects the data from potential attackers. This is especially important when transferring sensitive information such as passwords, credit card data and personal information.
  2. Trustworthiness: When a user visits a website secured with SSL, the browser displays a lock icon or a green address bar. This way, the visitor can be sure that he has not landed on a fake or malicious website.
  3. SEO benefits: Search engines like Google prefer websites with SSL encryption and take this into account as a ranking factor. This means that websites with SSL certificates rank better in search results.
  4. Data protection and GDPR compliance: SSL certificates are also important to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as they ensure the secure transmission of personal data.

Overall, SSL certificates are crucial to ensure data security on websites and increase user trust. They are standard on most websites today.