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With our control panel, you can manage everything related to your hosting package and your email addresses. Create databases, select PHP versions, install software, customize spam filters and much more.

Customized in-house development

The Hosting Control Panel is a proprietary development.
User needs, software and hosting infrastructure are thus optimally coordinated.

Independence & continuous development

Due to in-house development, we are independent of third-party suppliers and can implement individual changes and customer requirements.

Functions in detail

This list is for overview purposes only. All functions are described in detail in our manual.


Backups are automatically created for each hosting package on a daily basis. With the module "Backups" you can additionally create backups of webspace, mailspace & databases at any time.

File manager

Create and edit files and directories directly from the control panel. Similar to your local file manager.

FTP Manager

View and manage FTP credentials. Create new users, change passwords and access rights.

Protected directories

Make directories accessible only with password Create user and select access rights.

Email Manager

Set up email accounts and manage spam filters, passwords, etc., as well as view settings for email programs.

Mailing lists

Newsletter tool with easy subscription and unsubscription via email or HTML form.


You can use the webmail on any device to send and receive emails.


If your hosting package is multi-domain capable, you can add and host additional domains here.

Domain forwarding

Forward your domains to other websites via Fram or URL forwarding.

Website builder

If you use a homepage builder package for your website, you can launch the website editing user interface from this module.


In the software module you can install CMS software (WordPress, TYPO3, Drupal, etc.), store software (Magento, PrestaShop), cloud storage (ownCloud, nextcloud) and much more with a few clicks.


Creation and management of mySQL and PostgreSQL databases. The administration is done via phpMyAdmin.


Set different PHP versions for the entire domain or for individual directories. Edit php.ini, create cronjobs or look at error logs.

Error pages

The Error Pages module allows you to define pages to be displayed for different HTTP status codes.


With Formmail you can create a contact form where the input is checked and then sent by email to any address. Additionally, mandatory fields and redirection to a confirmation page can be defined.

Control Panel User

In the "Users" module you can create users (e.g. your web designer) and set permissions.

Control Panel Logs

With the logs you can view the activities of the users in the control panel.

SSL Security

Activate free SSL certificates for all domains hosted with the hosting package.

SSH access

Enable Secure Shell (SSH) access for your web server and use GIT, Composer, WP-CLI and others.


The statistics programs evaluate the server logs of your websites. This allows you to analyze user behavior and optimize your website accordingly.

Please note that not all modules are included in every package. For detailed information on the available modules, please refer to the hosting price lists.

Resource utilization

On the right side of your Control Panel, you can view the resources currently in use.

If you need more resources, you can upgrade at any time in the Customer Center. A downgrade to a smaller package can take place at the end of the billing period. Hosting Resourcennutzung