Chillydomains® Hosting Control Panel
Management interface for your hosting

Hosting Control PanelA new management interface for your hosting products is available - the Chillydomains Hosting Control Panel is an independent development of the company GmbH and thus perfectly adapted to suit your needs.
In few steps you can deal with all administrative work, edit your settings, emails and databases.
Please note that the functions in the Control Panel can be different depending on the chosen hosting package!

For more information, please click below in the list on the respective module.


Chillydomains Hosting Control Panel details:

backup Backups

You can easily back up your database, emails and the entire content of your webspace. You can choose between a temporary backup, or a backup which is stored on your webspace. For the latter, you have the option of a recurring backup. Specify the target-folder on the webspace and select a period when a backup should be deleted, because old/obsolete backups will fill your webspace. More Information about the Module Backups.

log Control Panel Logs

In the Chillydomains Hosting Control Panel Logs you will find a detailed list of all actions and changes that have been carried out in your Control Panel. More about the Module Control Panel Logs.

user Control Panel Users

Create multiple user accounts for your control panel.For new users you can set their password, language and specify module permissions. More about the Module Control Panel Users.

dbms Databases

With this module, by following a step-by-step guide, you can effortlessly create MySQL databases. Via a click on a button, next to the database, you can reach the phpMyAdmin management interface, review the database access information and set a new password. Databases are required for many software suits, like the content management system Joomla.
More information about the Module Databases

domain Domains

You can link other domains in your posession with your hosting package. You can, if you want to share webspace and/or eMail services. The domains will share the existing space among themselves.

Please note that it takes about 5 minutes until the service is available, after a sucessful entry. To complete the process, you need to adjust the name server configuration in your client area. More about the Domains Module.

redirect Domain Redirect

You can redirect your domain to any given page (URL) within this module.
You can choose between 2 redirect types: URL and Frame. With type URL, visitors can see the target domain in their browser. If you don't want this, please select Frame.
You should also fill out the fields "Title", "Description" and "Keywords" because those are important for a good listing with search engines. More information about the Module Domain Redirect

mail Email Manager

With the Email Manager you can manage all your email settings, set up email redirects and alias addresses. There is also the possibility to set up a multi-stage spam filter. More information about the Module Email Manager can be found here.

error pages Error Pages

Instead of standard 404 "page not found" error pages, you can define your own error message. More about the Module Error Pages.

file Filemanager

With the Filemanager, you can download individual files, upload and edit documents, change permissions and create/rename files easily within your browser.

formmail FormMail

If you install FormMail, you can check and verify form entries, display a confirmation page and send the data vie email.
More options will be displayed after a successful installation in your Chillydomains Hosting Control Panel. More about the Module FormMail.

ftp FTP Manager

You can create and manage additional FTP users with the FTP Manager.
You can also specify, if a user has full access to every folder, or if he can only access specific ones. More information about the FTP-Manager

mlist Mailing Lists

In this module you can create new mailing lists, manage and display their used space. You can also create an archive for old news and configure a digest list. Through this list, recipients receive a summary of the messages. More information to the Module Mailing Lists.

pd Protected Directories

You can create and manage users and their permission to access specific directories within your www directory. More about the Module Protected Directories.

hosted soft Software

Choose from a large list of of included, easy to install software for your hosting. For more information, please visit the included softwares page.

ssl SSL Security

With this module you have the possibility to enable or disable SSL access to your site. Information about your own SSL certificates are also displayed here. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encrypted transmission between the web browser and web server. This is often used in e-commerce to protect confidential client data. More about the Module SSL Security.

stats Statistics

You can view the latest info about the stream of visitors to your site. This information also includes data about keywords which were used in search engines to find your site. More about the Module Statistics.

log Web Development

In the Chillydomains Hosting Control Panel Web Development module you can change your PHP Version, manage your PHP error logs and view the access and error logs of your website. More about the Module Web Development.

webmail Webmail

Provides a user interface with which, regardless of location, you can administe your eMail accounts and address book. Here, you can choose between the AJAX-based variant "Roundcube" or the lighter variant "Squirrelmail". More about the Module Webmail.

Overview of memory use of your hosting package:

Hosting Control Panel RessourcenOn the right side of your control panel you will see a detailed overview of all resources used by your hosting package.

You can see the total memory used, the webspace, Mailspace, the available additional Domains, how many eMail accounts are set and how many databases are used or be available.