Software in the Hosting Control Panel

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The software is available in the Hosting Control Panel for easy installation. Depending on the hosting package the software provided can vary. The installation is done step by step, with guidance and assistance for any software. If you have any problems setting up the Control Panel please contact our support at:

Select the software you would like to install for a more detailed description:

Pixlie Picturegallery

The Pixlie Gallery offers a lot of useful features for your website:pixlie0

  • thumbnails with uniform side lengths
  • easily adaptable HTML templates
  • embed via a simple PHP include function
  • direct image upload via FTP
  • automatic labeling of preview images with freely definable texts
  • no database required
  • next and previous navigation with page numbers
  • tool for image computation
  • supports special characters
  • automatic detection of the server environment


Installing Pixlie
In the Control Panel select the software module and choose Pixlie. This opens an installation wizard which allows you to install or uninstall Pixlie. At first you need to select a version that should be installed and then click Next. To install the files to your hosting package you have to enter the desired path and click Next again.

After the files have been copied to your hosting package you have to click on the link to start the configuration. Once you have completed the basic configuration go back to the software module click Next and complete the installation by clicking Exit Wizard.