Chillydomains Hosting Control Panel Module: Databases

Easily manage your databases

dbms-bigDatabases are available at the package Web Hosting Pure Silver or Homepage complete Silver or higher.

When you create a new Database you can choose between two Systems: MySQL and PostgreSQL. Creating a new database is really comfortable and easy with the Wizard: You select the type (MySQL or PostgreSQL), choose the database version, set a name for the database, enter a Password and finally confirm your petitions.

You can easily administrate your MySQL database with the tool phpMyAdmin. The tool phpPgAdmin is available for postgreSQL databases.
You can access these tools with the Control Panel Module Databases.

Create a database - Quick manual

  1. Click at Add new Database
  2. Select database management system (MySQL or PostgreSQL)
  3. Select database version
  4. Enter a name for the database
  5. Enter a password for the database
  6. Approve the entries

With Action you can see the Access Data of the database, open the administration system phpMyAdmin, set a new password and delete the database.