Webhosting data center
Infrastructure of our web hosting data center

All Chillydomains webhosting services run on high-performance servers which are located in Austria's most important node point. In the data center InterXion located in Vienna, we have standalone infrastructure and our autonomous AS25575 network is directly connected to the VIX (Vienna Internet Exchange). For our web hosting and email services, we only use brand-name hardware from Dell® and Cisco®. Replacement equipments are always in stock and for a fail-safe operation we mirror our servers in a parallel network. Chillydomains customers can be assured, that their websites are available around the clock.

domain_web_hosting_datencenter_6 domain_web_hosting_datencenter_1 domain_web_hosting_datencenter_2 domain_web_hosting_datencenter_9
Nahaufnahme 900GB 10kU/min SAS Drives eines Hosting Servers
Dell PowerEdge R720XD-Server mit 24 2,5" 10k SAS Disks und 384GB DDR3 ECC RAM für High Speed Webhosting
Dell PowerEdge R710 Server mit 15kU/min SAS-Disks und 144GB+ RAM pro Server für performante VServer
Dell PowerEdge R510 und R710 Server: 15kU/min Performance für Webhosting und Linux VServer

Security of the data center:

  • access control by professional armed security personnel
  • dehumidification
  • ideal temperature climate
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • high security entrance lock
  • surge Protection
  • automatic fire alarm system with Inergen gas fire extinguishing system



Hardware for webspace, databases und email servers

For our hosting servers we only use branded hardware from Dell® and use the best, cutting edge equipment.

  • Dual processor systems, 2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2683v3 2.0GHz (14Core+HT+Turbo)
  • per server 7-10 Samsung Data Center "hot-swap" high performance SSDs (1.92TB or 3.84TB capacity) of the SM863 and PM863 series for active servers, as well as 14-17 "hot-swap" SAS high-performance hard disks 2.5 " (10kU / min) with 1.2TB to 1.8TB for high-performance fallback operation
  • per hardware server 256 GB to 768 GB DDR4 RAM (ECC / registered)
  • Each server has two power supplies and 2 * 2 10-Gigabit Etheret network cards.
  • Automated mirroring of all customer websites and email servers on second devices in fail-over mode to guarantee maximum reliability.
  • Spare parts for all server modules always in stock.

Daily Backups

Through a daily backup on two redundant RAID6 storage systems, as well as on two LTO -4 tape drives highest safety is guaranteed for your webspace data, databases and emails. Backups are performed daily and are secured for at least 7 days. If you need a backup, simply contact us and we will do our best to make a rapid recovery of your data. Please note that we have to charge a flat fee of € 36.00 incl. 20% VAT for a backup, as it requires manual effort on our part.

In the Chillydomains® Hosting Control Panel you can also use the backup module to make a backup of your data. You can choose a compression format (.zip/.7z) to ensure a quick download of your data.